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We are TUGO and we’re here to make life easier for school food operators; with dynamic brands, unique catering products and dedicated training and support, all packaged into our complete foodservice solution.

From authentic pizza and pasta to vibrant burrito’s, our diverse and innovative food concepts make it possible for the education catering operator to offer high street quality products in-house; attracting attention, cultivating patronage and growing profits.

Our chefs are flavour connoisseurs. Hand-crafting meals that burst with authentic flavour. Simple to prepare, popular with customers, and proven to deliver outstanding returns for our clients. Using only the finest ingredients, our meats come from British and Irish farms that really care about their animals, which means everything they produce is not only of the best quality, but sustainable, traceable, and environmentally sound.

We deliver the whole package - free-on-loan equipment, fully costed recipe specifications, branding, point-of-sale and an on-going programme of dedicated training and support. This complete package ensures your business achieves effortless year on year sales growth.

Food should always be honest. Your customers can enjoy our food with confidence, thanks to our comprehensive nutritional breakdown and commitment to creating recipes without the use of any artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

TUGO products offer:

  • fresh and authentic ingredients
  • no artificial additives, colours or preservatives
  • no GM ingredients
  • all manufacturing sites are nut-free
  • supporting sustainable and ethical farming methods
  • we use free-range produce where possible
  • reducing our carbon footprint year on year
  • we use a minimum of 65% recycled materials
  • committed to reducing the amount of virgin material in our packaging