The City of Liverpool College joins Adopt a School scheme
Molly Garber and Lucy Mae D’arcy with James Holden
The City of Liverpool College joins Adopt a School scheme
16/02/2017 - 09:15
The City of Liverpool College has joined the Adopt a School scheme, allowing access to the college’s kitchens so children can learn about nutrition and how to cook.

The Adopt a School scheme is a charity within the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) that encourages children to eat better and help schools reduce obesity rates among pupils.

Chef and RACA member James Holden mentors school children at the college on behalf of the charity, which delivers food education to children in a holistic way, from growing food, preparation, sustainable and healthy eating, food hygiene and hospitality.

Holden said: “I work with the college and other schools in Liverpool. While doing this I’ve also established junior chef courses, which run for six weeks after school and the kids come in and learn around a theme, such as pastry, healthy family meals, Christmas and so on.

“What we’ve achieved is keen young cooks coming and learning skills and to cook. They are learning life skills, most importantly. If they go on to work in the industry that’s a bonus.”

The programme relies upon the goodwill of its members, who are trained professionals to volunteer their time and visit schools throughout the UK to encourage participation.

Molly Garber, 14, from Childwall, and Lucy Mae D’arcy, 12, from Widnes, took part in classes after school with Holden and have since gone on to compete in cooking competitions.