The Food for Life Catering Mark reaches its 300,000 target
20/06/2011 - 23:00

The Food for Life Catering Mark has reached its target of serving up a grand total of 300,000 fresh and healthy meals in schools, hospitals, nurseries, universities and even football clubs.

The Food for Life Catering Mark is a unique award from the Soil Association, which recognises caterers who serve freshly prepared meals that are free from controversial additives and better for animal welfare.

Reaching the 300,000 mark demonstrates a growing recognition that high quality meals have a positive effect on health, energy and concentration levels – especially for children.

Rob Sexton, chief executive of Soil Association Certification, said: "This is a fantastic achievement for the Catering Mark. Not only are people across the country benefitting from fresh and healthy meals; caterers are also getting the reward and recognition they deserve for carefully sourcing and preparing their food.

"Evidence shows that the scheme makes commercial sense too. As consumers take an increasing interest in how their food is produced, we expect to see the influence of the Catering Mark continue."

Gareth Harrison of Harrison Caterers who serve almost 40,000 meals each day with the Soil Association's Bronze Food For Life Catering Mark added: "We're finding that parents are increasingly looking for an independent guarantee that the food their children eat at school is freshly prepared and free from controversial additives.

"Having the Catering Mark adds to our credibility and demonstrates that we are meeting these values. Our increase in meal uptake is the result of a principle we share with the Soil Association – the importance of well-sourced and freshly-cooked meals – and we are sure the recognition of the catering mark can only help to add to this growth."