HCL launches online allergen tool for parents
Mia enjoys gluten free meals at school
HCL launches online allergen tool for parents
04/05/2017 - 12:34
Education caterer HCL has developed a new online tool for parents of children with allergens, giving them access to 29 specially adapted menus that are available in Hertfordshire schools.

The system has been designed to ensure that parents can apply for medical meals in Primary Schools using mobile technology. Parents can upload a passport style photograph, alongside medical evidence and personal details. Pupils will wear a coloured band at lunchtime so the catering team can identify and provide the right menu.

Anka Johnston, HCL’s nutritionist, said: “The school kitchens follow the menus which are already adapted and are provided with a list of ingredients containing key allergens.”

One child that is enjoying meals from the scheme is Mia from Walkern Primary School who was diagnosed as coeliac when she was four.

Lisa Hayward, Walkern Primary School’s cook, said: “It’s great that Mia’s being fed at school like the other children and it’s wonderful that Lydia (Mia’s mum) trusts us to feed her child, as I know that it can be difficult not to worry about allergen cross contamination.”

HCL provides school lunches across Hertfordshire to 94% of primary schools and 50% of all secondary schools in Hertfordshire.