Michael Hales Chair LACA Juniper Ventures
LACA's new Chair Michael Hales
Michael Hales officially takes over as LACA Chair
04/09/2018 - 12:44
Michael Hales officially took over from Tim Blowers as Chair of LACA at Monday’s (September 3) LACA Board meeting held at Solihull Town Hall.

He is managing director of Juniper Ventures, the ‘externalised business’ set up by the London Borough of Newham to deliver catering and cleaning services for the council’s schools and civic venues.

Outgoing Chair Tim Blowers said: “I have enjoyed a truly memorable year and now we move on with Michael in the Chair, so I hope you can all support him during his 12 months.”

Stephen Forster, business development director for local authority group contracts with Chartwells, is the new Vice Chair, while Jacqueline Blake, commercial operations manager Nottingham City Council, becomes National Vice Chair Elect.

For the new full line-ups of both LACA’s Board of Director and National Steering Group see