The Giraffe World Kitchen poll revealed that children on average had tried sushi by the age of seven
Poll suggests children have tried curry, mussels and sushi by age seven
07/08/2017 - 07:00
British children have eaten curry by the age of five, mussels by the age of six – and sushi by the age of seven, according to a new poll by Giraffe World Kitchen.

In comparison, on average, the 1,500 parents who took part in the study said they first tried curry at age 15, mussels at 18 and sushi at 22.

A third of parents said their children were adventurous when it came to their culinary tastes with 41% saying that their kids would happily try foods that they wouldn’t be overly keen to try themselves.

27% said their kids can competently use chopsticks, and one in five mums and dads said there was competition in their social group over whose children were the most adventurous with food.

According to the poll, one in ten children under ten have tried an oyster – with hummus, bao buns from China, Japanese katsu curry and Mexican quesadillas among a list of world foods surveyed parents never tried as a youngster, but that their children regularly enjoy.

Other findings included that one in five British kids has tried paella and tapas when holidaying in Spain and one in twenty have sampled the likes of escargot and frog’s legs in France.

A spokesperson for Giraffe World Kitchen said: “Kids today have such a great choice of world foods at their fingertips, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that they are so much more adventurous than their parents ever were at the same age."