Principals by CH&CO starts academic year with 16 new wins
02/10/2018 - 08:51
Principals by CH&CO – the hospitality company’s dedicated school catering arm – has added 16 new schools to its portfolio this academic year.

Said to be worth £7.5m in total revenue for the duration of the contracts, the wins have also seen the company expand it London and Surrey, while strengthening its foothold in Kent.

Sales director Peter McKenna said: “It’s been an incredible start to the new school year and we’re thrilled to be extending our reach into London and Surrey.

“Principals by CH&CO is in a strong position and this is down to our innovative, creative approach that enables us to build genuine partnerships with the schools we work with and be a positive part of a school community.

“I’ve been into the kitchens of our new schools and the atmosphere is brilliant - the teams’ dedication to creating exciting food experiences is palpable, there’s a real buzz.

“This is an exciting chapter for the business as we enjoy continued growth and move into new areas.

“We also benefit from great support from the wider CH&CO business in the form of outstanding nutrition and culinary expertise, and excellent support in marketing, procurement, finance, training and development plus more.

“Our ethos is to work with the right schools that we can build true partnerships with, and not grow for growth sake. We have great people in our teams who want to make a real difference to the children and school communities we work with.

“Take our new family service concept, for example. In modern society, not every child sits down for family meals at home and important development and life skills are in danger of being lost.

“We’re in a position to give children experiences in the dining hall that they can take with them throughout their lives, and it’s important that we do this.”

Other examples include Principals by CH&CO’s street food pop-ups, which introduce school kids to new flavours, tastes and textures.

Its ‘family service’ concept meanwhile ‘empowers’ children to serve themselves at the table with the help of an adult. This, it hopes, will build social skills and confidence while teaching them about appropriate portion size and adding enjoyment to meal times.

The company said it is its dedication to fostering school life through such schemes, as well as “developing unique solutions for each school, growing uptake and generating interest in food in the classroom, dining hall and home” that has given to its success.