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Free school meals and free school meal parcels

02 Feb 2021

On January 20th, LACA hosted a webinar on free school meals and free school meals parcels.  As part of the webinar David Foad, Group Editor at Public Sector Catering and School Caterer magazines, interviewed Jacquie Blake, LACA National Vice-Chair.  You can watch the interview here:

For current guidance on free school meals parcels click here

Here are the answers to questions we were unable to respond to on the day:

Q. Will this recording be available later to members via the website?
A. The recording won't be but responses to questions not covered on the day are listed here

Q. What damage do you think the images of Chatwells food parcels have done to the industry as a whole?  All providers have been tarnished with the same brush which is grossly unfair.
A. There were a lot of images on social media that depicted poor parcel content, as an industry we need to follow the guidance and standards.

Q. Have LACA actually called out bad practice? Is it right that Stephen Forster remains the voice of LACA?
A. LACA VC Jacquie Blake explained the Governance that LACA follows, but as a result of recent events we will review our procedures.

Q. From Carole Tyley:
An amount of £11.50 per week has been stated as the cost of a week’s meals. A statement was made that the boxes contained £10.50 which included food, packaging and delivery. What happend to the other £1 per meal?
A. Difficult to respond to this given the different procurement arrangements/pricing arrangements every operator will have.

Q. A few schools have asked about vouchers for nursery children entitled to FSM's but they are unable to order vouchers. Should they be able to order for these children?
A. LACA will follow up with the DfE

Q. What change(s) in policy and funding will LACA be championing with DfE assuming the School Food System is reviewed?
A. Live answered - request from LACA for any member volunteers to support this review