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3663 development chefs partner with rugby star to educate kids on healthy eating

20 Jul 2011

Six development chefs from foodservice distributor 3663 are supporting international rugby player Olly Barkley's academy by teaching children in Bristol about healthy foods.

David Wood, Ben Woodhouse, Lucas Williams, Graham Marshall-Jones, Shaun Hill and Pamela Maclean from 3663 have teamed up with Bath and England Rugby player Olly Barkley to support his academy's nutrition programme, Eat Elektrik, to encourage children to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

David Wood, development chef at 3663, said: "We believe that good performance on the pitch starts with a healthy diet. So, we've worked closely with Olly and his team to develop a series of tasty meals to emphasise the importance of a balanced diet and how quality meals can help the body use the fat it has to create energy.

 "We're making mealtimes exciting for the children, showing them that they can still enjoy all of their favourite meals simply by making their own from scratch – with reduced salt, fat and sugar.

"We'll be showing them how to make smoothies out of natural yoghurt and fresh fruits and other 'good-for-you' desserts. It's important that they learn that what goes into their body before a game is just as important as their training."

3663 has developed and tested a range of meals for more than 70 nine to 16 year olds to tuck into throughout the three-day academy training event including: salads, stir fries, spaghetti bolognese, jacket potatoes and fruit pots.

Olly Barkley's three-day training academy takes place between 22-24 July at Colston School in Bristol.