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Average Brit eats 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime

29 Mar 2017
The average Brit eats 18,304 and spends £48,339 on sandwiches in their lifetime, according to research by Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo.

A Spokesperson for Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo said: “These finding show Brits are very particular when it comes to their sandwiches - without a doubt it’s still our go-to option for lunch.

“The fact that it’s so quick to make, cheap and you can pretty much have any filling you fancy makes it an obvious choice for school children, workers, busy mums and anyone on the go.”

The poll showed that 56% of Brits eat at least one sandwich per day with over one third having the exact same filling every day. Favourite fillings were BLT, chicken and mayonnaise, bacon, ham and cheese, and cheese and pickle.