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Aviko launches Food Trends 2020 report

16 Jan 2020
Aviko Foodservice has released the Food Trends 2020 report to help operators and caterers stay ahead of the market trends and discover the latest flavours that are set to shape menus in 2020.

The report explores the meat-free market, the profit opportunity off-premise dining provides and the latest technologies used to improve customer experience. 

Mohammed Essa, commercial director at Aviko UK & Ireland, said: “We all know just how important the plant-based market has become and with off-premise dining covering delivery, takeaway and grab and go, this is going to be one of the top megatrends of 2020 for operators to tap into – especially as the market is set to reach a staggering £27.8 billion this year! 

“The arrival of our Food Trends 2020 guide provides operators with valuable insight to navigate the key trends they can use to give a welcomed boost to profits.”

The Food Trends report highlights emerging trends and suggests ‘top tips’ to help operators and caterers add to their menus.  

You can download the report by visiting: