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Civica launches new app to fight food waste in schools

09 Sep 2021
CivicaEats, a new mobile-based app developed by software provider Civica, will allow pupils and parents to order school meals in advance allowing kitchens to prepare only the meals required.

The new app will minimise food waste and drive sustainability as well as allowing for more accurate management of stock. CivicaEats will also help protect students with allergies by removing unsafe meal options from an individual student’s choices.

It is also fully integrated with Civica Cashless, an app which enables pre-payment to remove cash transactions on the school premises and improve the flow during lunchtimes.

Dawn Pollard, managing director for cashless solutions at Civica, said: “Smart technologies have transformed so many aspects of our lives, from virtual GP appoints to ordering food online using our mobile phones.

"Now we’re bringing this digital experience through the school gates, engaging with a tech-savvy younger generation and making school meals better and safer and, ultimately, greener.

“CivicaEats forms part of our wider suite of integrated smart software solutions for schools, providing kitchen management, cashless catering and online payments to deliver an end-to-end solution for more efficient, profitable and safe catering operations.”