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Conservatives will encourage public sector to ‘buy British’ manifesto says

26 Nov 2019
The Conservative Party has said that it will encourage the public sector to ‘buy British’ in its manifesto published ahead of the December 12 election.

The document, published yesterday (24 November) also says that it will improve hospital food alongside the wider National Food Strategy. 

It adds: “We will tackle the underlying causes of increases in NHS demand, for example via a long-term strategy for empowering people with lifestyle-related conditions such as obesity to live healthier lives, as well as tackling childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

It also mentions more responsibility for plastic packaging. 

“We will continue to lead the world in tackling plastics pollution, both in the UK and internationally, and will introduce a new levy to increase the proportion of recyclable plastics in packaging. We will introduce extended producer responsibility, so that producers pay the full costs of dealing with the waste they produce, and boost domestic recycling.” 

To read the full manifesto, visit: