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Derbyshire Catering Services launches Food Explorers campaign

09 Jul 2021
Primary schools in Derbyshire are being asked to help support a healthy eating campaign from Derbyshire County Council’s catering service.

The Food Explorers campaign aims to ‘spark’ children’s curiosity around food, widen their knowledge of worldwide cuisines and help them to make healthier choices.

There is an activity pack online that includes videos and tasks for children to complete as well as explaining how fish on the school menu is caught and how Quorn is made. It also features the adventure of a school student Ada-Grace who visited Lower Hurst Farm in Buxton to find out where organic beef used on the school menu comes from.

Councillor Alex Dale, Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “Our catering service provides healthy, tasty school meals for thousands of students in Derbyshire.

“This campaign will help to give children the information they need, in a fun way, to make healthy food choices and encourage them to try new foods and ask questions about the food on their plates. We hope that all schools will be able to take full advantage of the activities on offer.”

School can access the campaign material and use before the school break or when students return to school in September.