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Dolce Schools Catering joins fight against child food poverty

23 Sep 2021
Dolce Schools Catering has warned that unless the Government increases the universal infant free school meals subsidy (UISFM), Marcus Rashford’s fight to tackle food poverty amongst schoolchildren will only address part of the problem.

The current average UIFSM subsidy works out at £2.34 per meal, a figure which Dolce believes needs to be raised in line with inflation and the national minimum wage.

Dolce is also recommending that the Government implements an independent regulatory body, similar to the Ofsted system, to rank the standards of each school’s catering. Dolce believes this would ensure greater accountability within the system and help to improve the standards of school food provision.

Dolce is appealing to the media to try to raise these two points to Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford.

Rashford recently announced a three point plan to widen the age range of eligibility for free school meals, increase funding to cover school holidays and to expand Healthy Start Eligibility to all households with pregnant women or children under the age of five earning £20,000 or less after benefits.

Dolce strongly agrees with Rashford’s key points, and is urging Rashford to combine these three principles with the two outlined in this release.

Adam Curtis, co-owner of Dolce Schools Catering, said: “We are in huge support of Marcus Rashford's continuous drive to make the world a better place for families suffering from food poverty, and the three recommendations put forward to the Government by Rashford are very positive steps.

“We would like to encourage Rashford, and the Government, to also consider the two extra points around the UIFSM funding increase that are so desperately needed, plus the introduction of an Ofsted rated education food service.

“Together, the mission to move the conversation of child food poverty forward might just become a long awaited reality, resulting in nutritional standards in schools being met as standard across the nation."