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Education software provider creates ‘innovative’ pre-order app for schools

24 Mar 2021
International provider of cashless education software, ami Education has created a pre-order app for pupils to order their school meals in advance ready for them to pick up at lunchtime.

The key benefits of the Infinity + Order app include the removal for the need for cash in the dining hall and school catering teams will know the quantities of meals needed so they can avoid food waste.

With retailers adapting to the Covid-19 crisis by switching to contactless order methods, schools may have to implement similar solutions.

Tony Reeves, head of operations at ami education, said: “When Covid-19 forced schools around the world to close, we knew that it was vital to ensure that there was a safe solution in place for pupils to pre-order and collect their lunch when schools reopen.

“We’re excited to offer schools a simple way to do this with the Infinity+ Order app, which allows pupils to order, pay and collect their lunches with just a few clicks.”