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Food fraud remains an industry priority, warns expert

Professor Chris Elliott
20 Jul 2017
The man who led the UK’s independent inquiry in 2013 into horse meat in the food chain, Professor Chris Elliott, has warned that food fraud must remain a top priority, ahead of a food industry conference later this year.

Elliott will tell delegates at the Food Fraud, Culture and Modern Catering Processes conference at Doncaster Racecourse on 26 September that work still needs to be done to ensure there is no ‘horsegate’ scandal repeat.

It was at a 2015 conference that Elliott first suggested that up to 50,000 horses might have ‘disappeared’ during the 2013 horsemeat scandal.

He will explain that while progress has been made, food security has to remain a priority for authorities.

Speaking ahead of September’s conference, where he will give a presentation, Elliot said: “A great deal of headway has been made since the publication of the Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks.

“We’ve seen the establishment of the Food Standard Agency’s Food Crime Unit, which is beginning to have an impact.

“However, food fraud must remain a priority – amongst many competing priorities for enforcement authorities – if we are to maintain that progress and ensure we see no recurrence of previous scandals’.”

Topics that will be discussed at the event are set to include allergens, food safety culture and the safety of low temperature catering processes.

Other speakers at the Highfield Qualifications-organised event will include Andy Morling, head of food crime at the FSA and Peter Littleton, technical director at Klenzan.