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Get involved in the FFL Catering Mark standards consultation

14 Nov 2016

LACA has prepared a response to the Soil Association’s Food For Life (FFL) Catering Mark 2016 standards consultation on making healthy eating easy in schools.

Former chair Pat Fellows has drafted the organisation’s official response, but is keen that individual members also contribute.

The deadline for receipt of responses is 9am on Wednesday, November 23.

Changes are proposed in two areas of the standards:

Making healthy eating easier

The proposals aim to make these standards more rigorous, more relevant to the wider public health agenda and more ambitious.

Environmentally friendly and ethical food

Additional points are proposed to reward caterers who avoid or use more sustainable palm oil and who serve more sustainable and ethical drinks.

Attached below is the LACA official response in full and Pat Fellows is encouraging those who want to get involved to cut and paste from this the points that best reflect their own views.

She says: “This is quite a detailed document and there is not a lot of time left, so feel free to use our full LACA response to cherry pick the bits you like for your own. It could save you time.”

Jenny Collins, the Soil Association standards project manager, says: "The team would like to hear the opinions of stakeholders on the proposed changes. Anyone with an interest can learn more about the proposals and complete a response questionnaire online:

Alternatively you can email your views to or even call the Soil Association on 0117 314 5000 if you would prefer to talk to someone.