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Guardians of Grub launch month of action

04 Sep 2019
WRAP’s campaign, Guardians of Grub, have launched a month of action where the hospitality and foodservice sector will come together to ‘Stand Up For Food’.

The organisation says that the sector itself is responsible for 10% (one million tonnes) of the total 10.2 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK each year, with the cost of avoidable food waste varying between 38p and £1 for every meal it serves.

The campaign has been developed to inspire action at every level of the hospitality and food service profession; from kitchen porter to business owner and across preparation and service. It says that the theme of guardians helps stress the enormous environmental impact wasted food has on the planet, and makes the point that everyone has the power to defeat waste within their work.

LACA are supporting the month of action and said: “LACA are delighted to be supporting the Guardians of Grub ‘Stand Up for Food’ Campaign this September. We have pledged to become part of a growing movement to reduce food waste within our industry.

“Throughout the month we will be encouraging our partners and members alike to save food, track their food waste and ensure that less food goes in the bin. This is all the more important when, according to WRAP, around 3.6 million tonnes of food waste and surplus occur in primary production every year, costing the UK economy £1.2 billion.”