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Heinz donates 12m nutritious breakfasts to #EndChildFoodPoverty

27 Oct 2020
Heinz partnered with the charity Magic Breakfast in April 2019 and since then they have donated 12m nutritious beanz breakfasts to help tackle food poverty.

Heinz believes that no child should ever go to school hungry in the UK. It costs just £5.53 a month to help provide a child with a nutritious breakfast. One in five children in the UK are at risk of going to school hungry.

Heinz Beanz are naturally high in protein and fibre, which helps to fuel children for their school day. According to Heinz, a nutritious breakfast can provide a child with four hours of concentration to help them learn.

The School Breakfast Bill, that was presented to parliament on 13 October 2020, will give state funded primary and secondary schools the support they need to provide a free breakfast to schoolchildren.