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Labour manifesto promises to extend sugar tax and UIFSM

22 Nov 2019
Labour’s manifesto for the 2019 general election has promised to extend Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) to all primary school children and extend the sugar tax to include milk drinks.

The document, published ahead of the election on December 12, has vowed to tackle a number of issues affecting caterers, including tackling childhood obesity. 

It said: “We will invest in children’s oral heath, tackle childhood obesity and extend the sugar tax to milk dinks. We will ban fast-food restaurants near schools and enforce stricter rules around the advertising of junk food and levels of salt in food.” 

Other policies include: 

  • Introducing mandatory standards for NHS in-patient food 
  • UIFSM for all primary school children, in addition to encouraging breakfast clubs 
  • End the current presumption in favour of outsourcing public services and introduce a presumption in favour of insourcing
  • Ending the requirement of health authorities to put services out on competitive tender 
  • Making producers responsible for the waste they create and for the full cost of recycling or disposal in a bid to encourage more sustainable designs
  • Back bottle-return schemes 

To read the full manifesto, visit: