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LACA chair reacts to 'Broken Plate' report

26 Feb 2019
LACA has reacted to the Food Foundation's 'Broken Plate' report, which identifies ten signs that show the UK’s food system has led the country into a 'national health crisis', with children and households on low incomes suffering the severest health consequences.

Michael Hales, chair of LACA said: “LACA welcome the Food Foundation report, particularly the call for the expansion of Universal Infant free school meals to all primary aged pupils. 

"LACA have long campaigned for the expansion of this hugely successful scheme so that access to healthy and hot meals are given to as many children as possible.  We also want to see the strengthening of planning laws and local authority powers to limit the proliferation of fast food restaurants near schools.

"As this report finds, one in four food vendors sell primarily unhealthy fast food, and this figure rises in poorer communities. These restaurants tempt children away from a healthy school meal and as noted in this report the greater the exposure to takeaway outlets the higher likelihood of obesity.”    

The full report can be viewed here