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LACA reacts to 1.7% increase in funding for universal infant free school meals

stephen forster laca uifsm funding increase
Stephen Forster: We have been advocating an increase to £2.51
16 Jul 2020
The Government has announced that it will pay schools £2.34 for each meal served to young children under the universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) scheme.

This represents a small increase on the current £2.30 funding for each meal and means total funding over a school year for eligible pupil is worth £444.60.

In response, LACA chair Stephen Forster said: “LACA welcomes the increase by the Department for Education of 1.7% for UIFSM.

“We have long said that £2.30 is not enough to feed children a hot, healthy and nutritious meal. This is the first increase since 2014.

“Over the last six years labour, food, and energy costs have increased significantly. This is why we have been advocating for an increase to £2.51, which is in line with inflation, as stated by the IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies).

“This is required so that our members can continue to serve over 3m nutritious meals in 22,000 schools each day.”