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LACA responds to PHE sugar campaign

08 Jan 2019
LACA has ‘welcomed’ the launch of Public Health England’s Change4Life campaign, aimed at reducing the sugar intake in children and childhood obesity.

The campaign claims that by making simple everyday swaps, parents can reduce children’s sugar intake from some products, such as yoghurts, drinks and breakfast cereals by half in addition to giving them healthier versions of the food and drinks they enjoy.

LACA said: “LACA welcome the launch of Public Health England's Change4Life campaign.

“The school food standards govern school meals and limit the amount of sugar that is served. LACA have long advocated for an expansion in the Universal Infant Free School Meal programme to all primary school children.

“This would ensure that as many children as possible are provided with a hot, healthy and nutritious meal, helping to reduce childhood obesity.”