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Leeds City Council to introduce plant-based meals to schools

14 Jan 2020
Leeds City Council will introduce plant-based meals at 182 primary schools across the city in a bid to reduce food-related carbon emissions.

Switching to a more plant based diet in schools is part of the council’s plans to more than halve carbon emissions by 2025.

The new plant-based menu ‘exceeds’ the National School Food Standards and has been ‘well received’ by school children. According to Leeds City Council almost 90% of respondents supported the proposal to reduce carbon emissions in the city. 

In December a group of public sector caterers backed a weekly plant-based menu idea. Amongst the group were LACA chair Stephen Forster, TUCO chair Mathew White and HCA chair Craig Smith.

Judith Blake, councillor leader of Leeds City Council, said: “Tackling the climate emergency is one of the council’s key priorities and I am proud that this council is taking ambitious and necessary steps to make Leeds a more sustainable city and an even better place to live.