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Premier Foodservice unveils Halloween recipes for school chefs

25 Oct 2021
Premier Foodservice has unveiled a guide for school caterers to help to ‘inspire’ them to add spooky treats to their menus.

A spokesperson for Premier Foodservice, said: “Halloween is a key occasion when operators across the country will be adding spooky treats to their menus to bring some fun to meals.

“After listening to caterers and chefs, we have created our latest seasonal recipe booklet, giving operators all the tools they need to bring terrifyingly terrific treats to life.

“Each delicious recipe has been crafted by Premier Foodservice’s chefs to help caterers make the most of celebrations.” 

Premier Foodservice unveiled five recipes, including:

  • Halloween spider pizza
  • Lime jelly pots with fruit eye
  • Watermelon and fruit lime spew
  • Banana ghost pots
  • Ghost meringues

Each recipe contains an ingredients list, method and tip for school chefs to replicate.