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Resource pack created for allergen awareness month

12 Dec 2018
A resource pack has been created for allergen awareness month (January 2019) by Allergen Accreditation.

According to the accreditation, “public awareness of food safety and allergen failures has caused a huge swell of interest, that will ultimately result in some businesses losing business” and has therefore crated a resource pack.

The pack will act as a refresher, reminder or enable new training and development strategy to ensure businesses are on track with the management of good allergens.

Andy Jones, chair of the PS100 group, said: “Making people, including caterers, more aware of allergens with campaigns and materiel's like this is essential in ensuring our staff are trained and kept up to date with current issues & legislation.  

“I would urge all in the catering sector not just to use these tools but to share them with others.”

To download the pack, visit: