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Rick Stein hosts Local Food Links school chef

09 Apr 2019
Chef Rick Stein has worked with Local Food Links (LFL) school chef, Dan Staple, who took a day off from cooking school food in LFL’s Bridport kitchen for Stein’s Sandbanks restaurant.

The opportunity came as part of LACA’s (Lead Association for Catering in Education) ‘Host a School Chef’ initiative.

The initiative is sponsored by Alaska Seafood UK, an organisation which encourages children to eat more healthy, nutritious fish. 

The promotion offers school chefs the opportunity to spend a day in the kitchen of some of the most exclusive restaurants in the country, working alongside some of the most celebrated chefs in the catering industry, demonstrating the breadth and depth of talent of today’s education caterers.

​Dan, who has worked for Local Food Links for 9 years, describes his role as “rewarding”.

He found his day at Sandbanks to be an “incredible experience, the orders were continuously coming in and I hit the ground running” and said that he had a “brilliant day, everyone works extremely hard to produce the amazing dishes and it was good to see and experience how different kitchens operate.”