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RSPCA Assured creates TV advert to raise awareness of cage-free eggs

22 Sep 2020
RSPCA Assured, the ethical food label and farm assurance scheme, has unveiled a new TV advert to increase awareness of cage-free eggs.

The advert is in response to the concerns that almost half of the eggs produced in the UK come from hens in cages. It will air during an ad-break of the first episode of The Great British Bake-Off and on ‘Extra Slice’ this evening (22 September).

RSPCA Assured certified egg producers go ‘above and beyond’ industry requirements for egg-laying hens by giving them raised perches, higher levels of lighting and objects like straw bales to peck at.

The advert aims to encourage people to choose cage-free eggs, which can be purchased in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA.

Xenia Kingsley, RSPCA Assured marketing manager, said: “It can be hard to know what the different labels on egg boxes mean. Our latest TV ad is designed to cut through the confusion and help people make a choice they can be proud of.

“Even if your baking doesn’t turn out how you’d hoped, as a consumer you have the power to improve the lives of hens just by the eggs you choose to buy.”

For more information about RSPCA Assured eggs visit: