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School meals offer opportunity to drive dietary change

School meals offer opportunity to drive dietary change
20 Apr 2017
Obesity Action Scotland (OAS) has called on local government election candidates to take advantage of the opportunity school meals offers to drive dietary change in Scotland.

A call has been made by the OAS to transform school meals in Scotland from a feeding culture to an eating culture. Currently, two thirds of primary school children in Scotland eat school meals.

Lorraine Tulloch, programme lead of Obesity Action Scotland, said: “Change is possible and we have highlighted areas where that change is starting to happen, but more action is needed and greater priority and attention needs to be given to this subject to ensure we offer all our children the best start in life.”

The call for change comes after the OAS launched a report today, which found that the school dining experience varies dramatically across Scotland, with some schools offering high in sugar puddings and processed foods on their menus. 

The report recommends prioritising vegetables, soup and salsds over puddings, with the aim of creating a positive physical and social environment for school meals.