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SCOTY winner responds to calls for mandatory-plant based day on menus

20 May 2019
LACA School Chef of the Year (SCOTY) winner, Steven Cross, has responded to the Soil Association's calls for a mandatory plant-based protein day on school menus.

Speaking about the reccomendations, the head chef of Park Community School, which has a Gold Food for Life Award, called for healthier options than current meat-free options, such as cheese pizza. 

He said: “We know that we all need to eat less meat if we are going to face climate change - and that is going to need to start in schools so I think we do need a meat free day.

"Pulses like lentils and chick peas are very cheap and you can get a lot out of them, and using more of these ingredients plus fruit and vegetables we can afford higher quality meat the rest of the time. It’s about being clever with your ingredients and cooking to get the most out of a variety of healthy ingredients. We live by the field to fork approach – we want the children to have a good understanding of where their food comes and educate them into eating things that are healthier and more sustainable.”