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Tilda Together competition gets out of the blocks

Tilda Together competition gets out of the blocks
22 Feb 2017
Tilda Together, the competition from the rice supplier Tilda Foodservice, has returned to offer schools the opportunity to win £500 plus a sports day with athlete Jess Coulson.

This year’s competition focuses on the importance that sports and nutrition play in maintaining good health.

As well as the cash prize and sports day, dietician Dr Sarah Schenker will hold a talk on nutrition alongside a cooking session at the winning school.

Craig Dillon, head of foodservice at Tilda, said: “By bringing in a sporting element, we hope to hit home that message that good nutrition combined with physical exercise will keep children energised and motivated while supporting their ability to learn.

“And what better way to get that across than with a sports day, hosted by one of the UK’s top athletes. I’m certain that having a professional athlete leading out the teams at my sports day when I was a child would have been a great source of inspiration to me, both on and off the field.”

Caterers can enter the Tilda Together School Sports Day competition via the Tilda website where they can fill out a form and explain in 80 words or less why they would like to host a Tilda Together School Sports Day at their school.

The competition is part of Tilda's commitment to work together with local authorities and school caterers in bringing healthy, balanced recipes that are easy to prepare to the dining hall.