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Top chefs and athletes come together to teach kids about healthy eating

Deborah Fleming and Brian Turner
19 Dec 2018
Leading UK chefs and athletes joined forces in The Ritz (London) kitchens recently, as part of EP Business in Hospitality’s drive to educate children about food.

The event also supported the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ ‘Adopt a School’ trust, which is designed to educate primary school children about what they eat and the nutritional value, healthiness and to encourage a balanced diet.

As such, Olympic swimmer Kate Haywood and rugby athlete, Deborah Fleming, joined chefs Brian Turner and John Williams (The Ritz executive chef) in the hotel’s kitchen where they learned to cook a number of “fresh, healthy and balanced” dishes.

They were also given insight into cooking techniques such as chopping, seasoning and preparing, and the sight, smells and tastes of foods used to better educate children about food.

Haywood commented: “It was a fantastic experience to step outside of our usual circles and to go into The Ritz kitchens, not to mention learning new cookery skills from some of the best in the business. 

“What was interesting was the revelation that good food doesn’t have to be complex or onerous. 

“It’s important that young people learn about food and nutrition from an early age, just as adults should embrace the power of great food and the impact it can have in the workplace today.

“As an Olympian, I always had a team of people around me - success isn’t about working in isolation, and cooking with Brian and John really highlighted this.

“Sharing knowledge with people from any industry sector can be extremely powerful in business, certainly when it comes to raising awareness of important messages like food, health and nutrition.”

The workshop-style event sought to highlight the “importance of fresh produce and the positive impact that great food, fresh produce and nutrition has on culture and business today,” in-line with EP’s campaign to encourage business professionals from any industry sector to join forces to “broaden mental agility and create change.”

Turner said: “What a fun day cooking with two wonderful young ladies who have succeeded in the sporting arena, along with John Williams, at The Ritz.

“This was a marvellous opportunity to underline the need to teach young people about the value of eating nutritious, fresh, correctly cooked food through the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ ‘Adopt A School’ scheme.”

Fleming also added: “I’m working closely with EP to help build more bridges for businesses across different industries and support the RACA charity. I’m also very passionate about people and their wellbeing, so taking part in this amazing experience was a real honour.”