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Winterhalter offers customers free water quality tests

06 Jul 2021
Warewashing brand Winterhalter is offering its customers a free test during site visits to determine the makeup of the local water helping to ‘guarantee’ sparkling clean dishes, cutlery and glasses.

The water quality test establishes the levels of minerals and particles that are present in the water, allowing an engineer to set the ideal wash parameters on the machine as well as suggesting the best chemicals and the correct dosage. 

Paul Crowley, marketing development manager at Winterhalter UK, said: "We've taken advantage of the lockdowns over the past year to train all our engineers and sales personnel in the science of water.  

“It means they all have the know-how to do the tests accurately, and give expert advice to the customer so that the various elements that make up the perfect wash are in perfect alignment.

"By doing a water quality test at the very start of the buying process, we can ensure the customer gets the right machine, the right chemicals and the right results."