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Young’s Foodservice develops new recipes to celebrate Seafood Week

05 Sep 2019
Young’s Foodservice has developed a range of new recipes to ‘inspire’ operators to take part in Seafood Week on 4-11 October 2019.

The annual campaign, run by Seafish, aims to promote the variety of fish and shellfish the UK has to offer while encouraging more people to eat fish.

Seventy-two percent of UK adults do not know that it is recommended that everyone should eat two portions of fish a week.

The new Young’s Foodservice range showcases the variety of seafood on offer and how it can be presented in different ways. Some of the new recipes include salmon fillets with roasted potato, tomato & basil salad; fish ramen bowl; fish fingers with stuffed peppers and haddock with fritters and beans for younger customers.

Adrian Greaves, foodservice director at Young’s Foodservice, said: “At Young’s Foodservice, our biggest priority is to promote seafood as one of the healthiest, convenient, cost effective and delicious proteins around.

“We hope that our new recipes help to inspire operators to be more adventurous with their menus and recognise just how versatile seafood is. It is down to everyone in the industry to come together and do want they can to encourage more seafood on menus.”

To access Young’s Foodservice recipes, visit: