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CRB Cunninghams

CRB Cunninghams - Market leading education software systems

CRB Cunninghams are industry-leading providers of cashless catering, identity management, and online payment systems to over 3,300 UK education establishments.

Through our Software for life promise, quality service, and 55+ years’ experience working closely with caterers, councils, MAT’s, LA’s, schools, and colleges, our clients benefit from contactless solutions, reduced school debt, and increased efficiencies – all from one seamlessly integrated solution!

Our dedication to product innovation means our clients benefit from a dynamic system that meets the ever-changing needs of your school, as well as new, award-winning solutions such as our pre-order app, Fusion Online and Facial Recognition technology!

LACA Partner Q&A with Gareth Hunter, Corporate Sales Manager at CRB Cunninghams

CRB Cunninghams has over 57 years of experience providing software, hardware and services, helping schools become cashless and benefit from the benefits this brings, including reduced debt, reduced food waste, and free school meal anonymity. CRB Cunninghams' vision is to deliver 'Innovation that Serves' by continuing to invest in new solutions and creating new ways to improve how education caterers deliver an efficient school meal service and how pupils access school food.
What is your school food's unique selling point?
Our unique offering is Fusion Cashless, the all-in-one cloud-hosted cashless catering system for schools. With everything under one roof, including cashless catering, nutritional analysis, ID management and online payments, school users benefit from a first-class meal service and improved student experience by streamlining and simplifying how school staff manage their cashless systems, saving key time and resources, with all solutions streamlined from one provider.
What new products/services have you launched or are looking to launch in 2024?
As part of our commitment to 'Innovation that Serves', we continuously enhance our existing systems and identify new solutions to improve the school catering experience. We're currently launching our iPay online payment app, enabling parents to access their online payment system directly from their mobile phones for seamless school payments, and Fusion Hub, our most significant upgrade to Fusion Cashless.

We're also outlining a kitchen management and health and safety solution, a new way to digitise how school kitchen staff manage food items and comply with health and safety regulations.
What do you do to support the school food service?
We create and deliver new ways to improve how catering staff deliver school meals and how pupils access these. For example, launching our award-winning Fusion Online app a few years ago meant that pupils could pre-order school meals from their phones, cutting down on lunch queues and kitchen staff could reduce food wastage by knowing how many meals to prepare in advance.

Since launching the app, we've also acquired Nutmeg. This complete nutritional analysis platform combines menu management, nutritional analysis, and labelling, adapting to changing guidelines and helping school caterers meet food standards and deliver nutritious and compliant school meals.   
How can LACA and school food operators support your organisation?
By working together to champion the importance of technology and innovation in school catering, especially safeguarding pupils and finding new and efficient ways to provide nutritious school meals. Whether that's digitising how schools and caterers plan menus and oversee allergen management or modernising meal delivery through pre-ordering, advocating the importance of innovation in school catering has never been more important.
What is your first memory of school food?

The best memories were always the desserts and, of course, being able to get "seconds" on lucky days.

The mother of ex-England and Man Utd captain Bryan Robson worked in the kitchen of my primary school, and I still remember how excited we all were when she would bring in signed photographs to hand out to all the children.