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Hobart UK

Simon Gardiner

Over the years, since its launch in 1897, many changes and developments have taken place at Hobart UK that have shaped the company. From humble beginnings in Ohio USA, Hobart has evolved to become a major player in the catering equipment industry. Founded in those roots is the ethos of high standards and pursuit of excellence that easily associates Hobart with the most prolific performers in the industry today.

Over a century later, Hobart continues to lead the field with innovations in all areas of equipment manufacturing, with quality and partnership as its watchwords.

Offering an unrivalled product range, incorporating the world renowned Bonnet brand, Hobart’s presence in the worlds market is already substantial and growing almost daily, whether the requirements are efficient warewashing, reliable preparation, a custom built Maestro suite or Service cover 7 days a week 365 days a year Hobart can deliver the solution.