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Rob Lelliott, UK Sales Manager

Providing safe and healthy food options in a busy catering environment means that food providers constantly need to be aware of how their food is stored and managed, and that it’s protected at every stage of the food delivery cycle. The right technology helps providers to do this every day, ensuring food safety compliance, minimising food waste, and making the process easier through automation as the caterer manages the challenges of staff retention.

Kelsius is the leading supplier of automation technology for product safety and compliance to the food services and catering industries. Using its world-class wireless sensor technology and cloud-based data hosting and processing, Kelsius systems improve product safety, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise costs associated with these activities. The easy-to-use tablet and probe combination allows you to check dish temperatures right before service.

Founded in 2003, Kelsius has offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a network of partners in Europe, Middle East, Australia and the USA that serve its global customer base.