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Meatless Farm Co.

Lydia Hall

Make it Meatless for your school with Meatless Farm

At Meatless Farm we’ve developed a delicious plant-based range for suitable for schools with no compromise on taste and texture. We are meat free, not taste free and our mission is to help businesses and individuals reduce their meat consumption by making the choice of switching to meatless easy for everyone.

Why add Meatless Farm to the menu?

Plant-based eating is accelerating quickly, becoming more mainstream and is now an expectation on menu, and that’s the same for schools too. Our versatile plant-based range includes beef, chicken, and pork products to make it easier for you to meet student demand for plant-based meals, and we have lots of delicious recipe inspiration we can provide to help you with serving up a tasty plant-based dish!


Get in touch with our Account Manager Lydia Hall to chat about how to add plant-based to your school menu.

Email Lydia on OR give her a call on 07563 143 242 to have a chat!

Check out for more information our product ranges too...