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Pelican Procurement Services

Michelle Parnham, Head of Sales – Professional Procurement Services

About Pelican

We are procurement and supply chain specialists helping organisations to improve their catering operations. Whether you want to reduce cost, improve quality and service, free-up staff time, comply with legislation, procure sustainably, and reduce your carbon footprint – our team of experts is here to help you.

Our e-procurement system, Pi, delivers back-office efficiencies, budget control and transparency across the entire organisation.

Our procurement services are self-funded, and our Pi system is provided free of charge to our clients.

10 Key benefits

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  1. Cost Reduction - delivering the best value for your operation
  2. Ongoing Price Management – limiting market-led price increases to an absolute minimum
  3. Proactive Supplier Management – delivering best-in-class service to you
  4. Hands-on Account Management - we become an extension of your team
  5. Support to reduce your carbon footprint and sustainability accreditations

Award-winning procurement systems

  1. Consistent picture of your catering operation across all sites
  2. Easier adherence to allergen and nutrition legislation
  3. Automate management of invoice payments, product ordering, menus, patient meal ordering and stock control
  4. Significantly reduce administrative workloads by automating processes
  5. Gain complete visibility and budget control over spending to allow better strategic planning