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Unilever Food Solutions

Fraser Thomson

As part of our School Food Programme, we aim to help create a generation of well-fed, healthy, forward-thinking children who will change the world for the better. Through initiatives such as the Big School Bake Off competition and working with the Children’s Food Trust and the World Food Programme, we’re working closely with school cooks and caterers across the UK to continue to raise the profile of school meals and the important role they play in improving the health and performance of young people

Working with the Children’s Food Trust
We believe that learning about food – where it’s from, how it’s grown and how it’s cooked – should be central to a child’s education. And, there’s no better fuel for a hungry mind than a tasty and nutritious diet. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting the Children’s Food Trust in its quest to make every meal a great meal for children and young people.

Big School Bake Off
Launched in 2014 our Big School Bake Off encourages school caterers to step into the limelight and shout about this great industry. Always looking at how we can keep the competition up to date and relevant, this year all bakes had to include at least 50% fruit to meet the requirement in England for fruit based desserts at least twice a week.

World Food Programme
Our sustained partnership with the World Food Programme remains fundamental to our Programme, as does our ongoing nutritional, culinary and marketing support that our dedicated education team deliver every day.