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If you have any questions, call the competition organisers on 0845 108 5504 or email

Are you a member of LACA?

Entry to competition

  • The competition is open to all staff who hold a kitchen based position and who are involved in the daily preparation of meals for children at the time of entry to the competition.
  • Contestants may work in more than one kitchen but must be on a salary grade of Kitchen Manager or lower.
  • You don’t need to be a LACA member to register and submit a paper entry for judging in September 2019.  However if the entry is successful and your organisation or school go through to the regional finals in late 2019, it would be a condition of going into this level of the competition that you become a LACA member.
  • To find out how to become a LACA member visit If you have any queries on the SCOTY Competition, please contact the Competition Organisers office on 0845 108 5504