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CDCS Ltd was conceived from the 2007 Fire safety Oder Legislation bringing Commercial Kitchen Grease Extract System cleaning under its banner of UK Health & Safety legislation.

With a valuable background in chemical manufacturing, the cleaning industry and a strong pedigree in client management & customer service excellence, our young dynamic team set up with the vision of starting an industrial cleaning company that focused on consistently delivering the very best client experience in the industry.

Too many service providers were failing their clients by falling into a complacent attitude that saw them taking money in return for poor-quality Grease Extract System Deep Cleans.

Fires, lost businesses, zero pay-outs from insurance policies all resulting in a lack of trust for the industry – all because cowboy cleaning companies were neglecting to clean Grease Extract Systems with challenging areas properly, whilst unwilling inform their client.  Often exposing them to heavy law suits, damaged reputations & even prison terms.

Our passion to be the best has led us to invest in technologies and training that enables our Technicians to have the very best tools and instruction to leave no stone unturned.  Whilst at the same time having the ability to coherently communicate what can be cleaned and what can’t – most importantly explaining what we plan to do in order to help overcome any challenges moving forwards.

This leads to long relationships with our clients, from independent local café owners, to multi-sited enterprises spanning the country.  Our tenacity to deliver these values in a transparent way, means we firmly place our client needs first, ensuring an unrivalled service.

We Stand For?


Passionate Customer Service

Industry leading Technology, Training, Tenacity, & Transparency

Services Include:

Grease Extract Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment Deep Cleaning

Post Clean Reports

Replacement Filters

Your Compliance is our job…..