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We’re proud of our heritage as a leading family catering business for over a century.

Our first inspired foodservice solution came from our founder, Dr. August Oetker in 1891, when he realised that by filling tiny paper bags with just the right amount of baking powder required for one pound of flour Dr. Oetker could guarantee the perfect cake over time!

Dr. Oetker Professional has become synonymous with quality, providing you with foodservice solutions without compromise. We’re constantly working on your behalf to develop baking mixes, ingredients and catering solutions that make it easy to add excitement and variety to your menus.

Every product we produce is of the highest quality and made with the finest ingredients. They’re easy to prepare so they offer you ultimate convenience, taste delicious and guarantee perfect results every time.

Trust, sustainability and credibility are values that lie at the core of our business. Our team of experts will work together with you in genuine partnership to ensure your business delivers the variety and quality of delicious meal solutions that your customers expect.