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Monika is a family-owned international business that has been offering digital safety quality and policy management solutions for more than 30 years. We work with businesses across all food and clinical sectors who rely on us for compliance, best practice and peace of mind. Our new Cloud based MonikaPrime solutions have been developed as a result of this experience specifically to improve efficiency, drive cost savings and deliver environmental benefits to our customers through the adoption of advanced mobile applications.

MonikaPrime is an intelligent digital solution that manages teams and equipment for safety, hygiene and policy compliance, saving you money while managing your risk. It comes in 3 modules:

  • Team Management can provide a complete stand alone paper free solution for managing and recording tasks, jobs and checks.
  • Equipment Management adds savings and efficiency by automating data collection from refrigeration and other appliances.
  • Enterprise Management provides a performance overview and analysis to support high level decision making for continuous improvement

Backed by full technical and hot desk support and a highly trained and responsive dedicated field engineering team, MonikaPrime provides significant cost savings and robust compliance.