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As a coffee roaster we have 100% control over the entire roasting process. We source, blend, roast and pack certified and conventional coffee, affording all of our customers a transparency as to what we do and how we go about doing it. Being a coffee roaster gives us greater flexibility in what we can offer. We have a number of credible house blends available, as well as the capability to roast and supply some unique Single Origin coffees, when quality and the seasons allow. With our R3source brand and the more conventional Nairobi Coffee blends, we have a variety of options available that are fresh in identity and, in R3source, distinctive in what it represents.

All of the time and effort we put in to sourcing some of the best coffees from around the world would be a futile exercise if we were to then supply it in to customers for it to be made through sub-standard machines by untrained staff. The machine platform and training provisions we offer are some of the best in the industry and are driven by the fact that it is our coffee or coffee roasted by Nairobi Coffee, so we HAVE to get it right. We offer an openness and an integrity with every point of contact, installing a trust and confidence in Nairobi Coffee and we are excited at the chance of sharing this with TUCO and your members, and to show you that we care just as much as we want to share our products, knowledge and expertise with you.

Everything we do, everything we offer, stems from the fact that we are an independently owned, family run coffee roaster and this can be seen in the paternalistic approach adopted by our employees across ALL departments within the business.