All aboard the Y&H Spring Event & AGM
Jo Webster, Y&H regional chair
All aboard the Y&H Spring Event & AGM
12/04/2017 - 07:03
The Y&H Spring Event & AGM on March 15th was held on the river Humber aboard the P&O Pride of Rotterdam.

Skipper and Y&H Regional Chair, Jo Webster welcomed 70 delegates from local authorities, contract caterers and suppliers to the nautical themed day. Tracy Healey was congratulated on her recent SCOTY 2017 win with flowers from SCOTY 2016 and fellow Yorkshire lass, Kath Breckon.

Guest speakers on the day were: Caron Longden, Food for Like Catering Mark manager at the Soil Association; Phil Batty, director of marketing, communities & legacy at Hull 2017; Justin Clarke, chair of SCOTY judging panel and development chef for MAGGI at Nestle Professional; and LACA’s National Chair, Sally Shadrack.

Caron Longden discussed the rapid growth of the food for life meals and gave delegates an update on the changes ahead for the Catering Mark. Delegates took part in a theatrical display proving it’s better to be free range rather than caged.

Phil Batty presented his 365 day programme of artistic events and told his story of a city in change as they journey towards delivering the iteration of the UK City of Culture 2017 project. He highlighted the positive aspects of UK City of Culture and the massive impact it can have and showing “Culture is many different things to many different people.”

Justin Clarke and Charlie Fryer (right) from Nestle gave an update on the findings from SCOTY 2016 and provided hints & tips for the success to possible new candidates including the need to nurture them through the programme.

LACA chair Sally Shadrack gave an update to delegates of LACA nationally and her year so far. She included an update on the national evaluation of UIFSM and progress so far including the support from positive meetings with MPs. Sally also highlighted on the critical issues surrounding holiday hunger and encouraged everyone to get involved.

The LACA chair, said: “The Pride of Rotterdam Ferry was a truly spectacular venue for the Yorkshire and Humberside region Spring Seminar. It held your interest with speakers such as Phil Batty telling us how Hull is certainly on the map with so many cultural events and our fab suppliers supporting us reminding us of their provenance.”

Harrogate Spa, Nestle Professional and Young’s Seafood were the sponsoring suppliers for the event.

Delegates also offered their feedback on the event:

Alan Souter, Harrogate Water Brands, National Accounts Manager, said: “Harrogate Water Brands Limited, are very proud to be associated with the Y&H LACA Region. This friendly, proactive region recognises the fact that nutrition and hydration is paramount for the health and wellbeing of future generations. It was great to be invited to attend this informative and interesting event.”

Tony Curran, FusionFSM, National Account Manager, said: It was the first meeting with LACA after starting my new role, and I found the whole day very interesting and informative and gave me a great insight into the fantastic work all the school caterers do on a daily basis with great skill, passion and dedication.”

Charlie Fryer, Nestle Professional, Customer Development Manager, said: “A wonderful opportunity in a unique location to promote SCOTY and hopefully inspire future entrants, especially prevalent within the Y&H region winning run and also to share the work Nestle provides within the education field. Thank you for arranging such a great event. Justin & I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one which is sure to be a ‘wild’ one.”

The day was rounded off with a ditty by Regional Chair, Jo Webster:

“Yo! Ho! mi hearties” and welcome to Hull,
I promised the event would be anything but dull.
The delegates came and were welcomed on board,
But secretly they wished we were going abroad.

Some saw the agenda but still had high hopes,
That someone would pull up and away those big ropes.
For those with no sea legs it soon became clear,
We wouldn't be sailing so had nothing to fear.

It’s the 3rd time ‘Pride of Rotterdam’ was picked as the venue,
With lovely food as usual adorning their menu.
The committee has been planning this event for weeks,
Promoting to their colleagues to get bums on the seats

Suppliers were eager to sponsor the day,
Harrogate spa, Young’s Seafood and Nestle did pay.
Side winders and posters were put up with care,
Leaflets and tasters promoted with flair.

Presenters were picked to speak of their passion,
Aim topics towards catering ‘cos it's not about fashion.
Providing "great school food" is what it's always about,
Promoting our excellent work though we all need to SHOUT!

Caron's changes for the future and the hope of it sticking,
Got everyone to act like free range chickens.
Sally gave us an update focusing on holiday hunger,
Justin and Phil captivated all, while we sat on the Humber.

Children’s health and well-being is entrusted to us all,
Reduce childhood obesity is a challenge that's not small.
As usual our services will carry out this deed,
We have many goals to aim for and school children to feed.

For our great love of food we develop our teams,
When our school chefs win SCOTY their faces just beams.
Last year we had Kath Breckon who was a true Yorkshire winner,
Now another Yorkshire lass Tracy has won with her dinner!

The music quiz brought laughter and possibly cheating?
The show bar was full and with no extra seating.
Our raffle was successful for a very good cause,
It went well from start to finish on opening those doors.

The AGM was conducted firming up the committee,
Jo had worked on the report in the form of a ditty.
We're going for region of the year so don't forget to vote,
Think of the great day you've all had, stepping off this big boat!!