July 2018

Amanda Spielman Ofsted childhood obesity
19/07/2018 09:07
LACA has issued a statement welcoming the recognition of the economic benefits to schools of high take-up of school meals in a report just released by Ofsted on obesity, healthy eating and physical activity in primary schools.

It reads: “We are pleased that Ofsted confirms what previous academic research has found – namely that the best school leaders are going above and beyond to implement the school food standards.

“As this report outlines, UIFSM (universal infant free school meals) in particular saves...

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19/07/2018 07:07
Following confirmation earlier this year that eggs are “safe to be eaten runny by vulnerable groups,” a new report now claims that the dairy product does indeed ‘boost protein’ intake in childhood.

Published in healthcare periodical ‘Network Health Digest,’ the report reviewed international intervention studies and found that eggs “support growth, prevent stunting and improve protein levels in children.”

According to the study, adding one egg a day to a child’s usual diet found that...

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LACA Main Event 2018 Michael Hales
18/07/2018 09:07
LACA Chair-Elect Michael Hales told the Main Event that the association was celebrating its 30th anniversary during his term of office and he was working with members on a new vision for it that he planned to launch at the Autumn Seminar.

"We’ve already achieved a lot and I'll be seeking to build on this legacy.

"We need to continue to change. We have a range of different members with a range of different needs.

"But we know already from surveys that 98.5% of you feel we continue to represent you in a positive way...

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17/07/2018 09:07
Healthy eating programme ‘Schools to Market’ – the joint initiative between food charity, School Food Matters and Whole Kids Foundation – invited ‘hundreds’ of London-based pupils to sell their homemade chutneys at local Whole Foods stores last week (11 July).

With 16 establishments across the capital having taken part, the programme – now in its sixth year – aims to develop a ‘good food culture,’ teaching them about fresh, healthy food to improve nutrition and wellbeing.

As well as a whole school assembly to launch the programme and outline...

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16/07/2018 18:07
LACA Chair Tim Blowers will address an international conference on sustainable procurement in Vaxjo, Sweden on September 6th, 2018.

On one of his last trips as the chair of LACA, Tim will join colleagues from Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark and the UK to discuss reserach and practice in regards to sustainable food procurement in the public sector.  Tims presentation will cover the practical work done in UK public sector...

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