LACA Main Event navigating maze change
Countdown to Main Event sees footie fans ‘put in the picture’
04/07/2018 - 10:44
A week to go before LACA’s showpiece Main Event kicks off on July 11th, and the expression ‘kick off’ is on the minds of organisers.

The Wednesday ‘ice breaker’ evening social event on the first day is themed Ska-Two Tone, with music, food and costumes to match.

However, conscious that this coincides with a World Cup semi-final that could feature England, screens have been arranged to show the game in full and the start of the event has been brought forward so those attending will be settled well before kick-off.

For the first time this year, Wednesday will feature a full programme of events, including interactive workshops and conference sessions. In addition to the Education Catering Exhibition will be opening earlier at 9.30am.

Other highlights during the course of the three-day event will see presentations from two familiar faces from television – Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies on July 12th, and Steph McGovern, a BBC Breakfast show presenter, on July 13th.

Delegates also will get an update on the joint APSE/LACA school meals uptake survey for 2017-18.

Meanwhile, LACA’s annual Awards for Excellence will be announced at a gala dinner on Thursday, July 12th and the Finishing Touches salon culinaire will again showcase the craft skills of school chefs.

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