Free School Meals - politics and challenges but not a bad policy
13/03/2014 11:03
Written by Admin

There has been a lot in the press about free school meals in recent days. The roll out of free school meals for infants is a hugely important change for schools, and will go a long way to improving nutrition and academic achievement. The timeline to have everything in place by September may seem daunting, but we believe it is achievable with the right help in place to support schools.

Whilst politics undoubtedly played a part in the government’s announcement on infant free school meals last September, this does not mean it is a bad policy. Schools have a crucial role to play in keeping our children well-nourished and able to fully participate in their studies. Free school meals are an important way of achieving this aim and will go a long way to improving nutrition and the academic achievement of the poorest children.

Of course there are challenges facing schools in getting ready for the roll-out of free school meals for infants in September 2014. Yet, as school caterers and councils, such as those in the London Borough of Newham and Durham County Council, will inform you, those difficulties and problems can be met.  Schools are working hard with parents and staff to improve school meals whilst caterers and government are willing partners to improve standards and take up.  We must not lose sight in the fact that this is a positive policy with huge benefits that it will bring to pupils, their families and schools.